Sustainable Packaging

As a company we are very careful about only using sustainable packaging and ingredients. We don't use plastic packaging and we try not to use excessive cardboard. 

Soap is very delicate and the slightest knock will create a small dent or mark. We hope you appreciate that if the soap arrives with a tiny dent, it will disappear as soon as you run it under the tap.

As a personal hygiene product we think its important to offer some protection to keep it clean, fragranced and fresh. We use compostable bags which are made of vegetable starch and are compostable to standard EN 13432. The bags look like plastic but they are NOT PLASTIC. 

We then pack the soap in a cardboard box, and natural wood shavings are put under, over and around the soap, which should protect from knocks in transit. 

The cardboard box is then put inside a compostable outer bag to protect from rain and moisture.  These bags are also compostable, and although bags look like plastic polybags, they are NOT PLASTIC.