About Us

Our ethos
Everyone needs soap, but no-one needs soap (chemical detergents) in plastic bottles. We do recognise that cleaning products in plastic bottles is marketed very well, the scents are divine and the promises of being transported into a tropical paradise really are irresistible.  

Our ethos is all about back to basics - simplicity, effective honest bar soap and good value for money. Without the marketing budget, but with the benefit of having a really good product. We think that should trump a mega marketing budget.

SoapYard has the answer to packaging free, fabulous soap to suit all skins and personalities. We can transport you and your bathroom to that tropical paradise or provencal lavender field without the need for plastic bottles.  

Our soap bars not only smell delicious, our soap is very good quality and only uses the best quality ingredients - local when possible. The soaps are by vegan by default. The exception to the all-vegan product line is the milk range and the honey classic bar.
All the soaps are triple or quadruple milled and cold pressed, with essential natural ingredients added cold to retain their properties. 

We do not make soap, but we are partnered with carefully selected artisans in the South of France. We have spent time and effort to research the world of artisan soap making and our chosen partners are among the best and most respected in the South of France. The soaps we supply are recognised worldwide in terms of ingredients and traditional manufacturing methods. The soap is made in small batches to order, ingredients are sourced from quality providers and local where possible. Sometimes, if there's a spike in demand for a particular scent, we might have to wait for the next batch to be made, and seasoned. 

Our mission is to help reduce the need for unnecessary shipping, packaging, middle man fees, road trips to the supermarket, dishonest marketing. 

The high street doesn't have a great selection of bar soaps.  Most of the good soap is online, or in small specialist shops that most people don't have locally. It doesn't seem right to us, that thousands of people have to go online, to order just one or two bars packaged and shipped, potentially hundreds or thousands of miles. 
Our mission is to stop the need for online small orders. At least in the bar soap world. 

We are building a network of SoapYard partners, who can process orders and distribute soaps at a local level. Clearly, as our soap is from the Marseille area in France, an initial shipment will be necessary, however this will be co-ordinated to limit air miles, road miles and unnecessary individual packaging.