How to become a distributor

We would be delighted to partner with a range of distributors. Our soaps are popular as a niche product for specialist sellers, or as part of a range of different products. It is perfect complement in a variety of settings, and our customers find SoapYard products excellent quality, value for money and a good upsell.
 zero-waste shops, florists, cafés, gift shops, independent entrepreneurs, health and beauty businesses, barbers and hairdressers, natural and organic shops.
  • Take orders from friends, family and clients. The retail price is the price listed on the website. You may adjust the price to allow for your costs and postage.
  • Your order should be with you within 7 days
  • Arrange with buyers to collect from a collection point. This could be your front door, your shop, your school, your social group.
  • Sometimes soap arrives a little marked or dented - this is a result of minimal packaging and does not affect the quality of the soap. This should be emphasised to your customers.

  • Thank you for encouraging good habits, good environmental practice and embarking on a good local community service!