Kokoelma: MIX & MATCH 4

MIX & MATCH any FIVE Soap + Rope Gift / Travel Combinations for £30 / €30 + postage

This set is just like the Soap + Rope but is presented in a handy Aluminium Tin which comes in White or Silver. 

You can either choose the White Tin Option which comes with a white rope,  or the Silver Tin Option which comes with a colourful rope. If you choose the Colourful Rope Option you will get a random colour rope which may not be like the photos.

The soap has a pre-formed hole for the rope which you can thread through and tie to a length which you prefer.

The soap-on-a-rope makes a unique and interesting gift which will be used and enjoyed, or might even be cherished as a fragrant keepsake in a linen drawer.

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