Starter boxes for sharers and distributors


Starter boxes provide our new distributors and the soap-curious, with a range of soaps which can be used for demonstration and testing purposes. You can sell them directly to the public, or take orders, using your starter box as a demo box.

For a limited time only, in order to introduce our wide range of soaps, starter packs may be purchased without pre-approval. 

Your starter pack will include:

- A range of our soaps - different sizes, fragrances, ingredients and shapes
- Information on marketing and how you can advertise locally
- Guidelines on presentation and product information
- How to take orders and re-order soaps for your friends, customers and family
- Do's and don'ts of packaging and disposal 
- The value of your starter pack soap will be at least 30% less than the retail cost of our soap.
- If you decide to sell soap from your starter kit, you should sell at the price as on our website. 
- Your customers will not be paying postage and so win-win!

It is important to us, if you are re-seller, that you only distribute locally, and without the need for postage or long driving distances. 

SoapYard is a company that takes the environment seriously, but with a sustainable and common-sense approach. 

Our policy of distributing through local networks of Bar Soap specialists is based on the desire to reduce air and road miles and, eliminate the mountains of packaging incurred through the shipping of small, individual quantities. 

Creating a reliable and viable eco-friendly distribution system will not happen overnight, but in time, we will build a network of soap aficionados who have the knowledge and passion to consult and distribute within their local community.