The FlipFlopi

The FlipFlopi

All about the flipflop, a boat made of discarded flipflops.

In June 2016 we decided to try and build a boat entirely from plastic collected on beaches and roadsides in Kenya to show the potential of ‘already-used’ plastic. And two years later, using over ten tonnes of plastic waste and 30,000 repurposed flipflops – we succeeded. 

Built on the island of Lamu using traditional dhow builders and techniques, the world’s very first 100% recycled plastic dhow launched in September 2018, and recently completed its first ground-breaking expedition sailing over 500km from Kenya to Zanzibar, Tanzania.

But of course, it has never really been about the boat... we simply want to demonstrate that single-use plastic doesn’t make sense, and we hope people around the world are inspired to find their own ways to repurpose ‘already-used’ plastic.

We always believed that our positive message and brightly coloured dhow would attract the world’s attention to plastic pollution by making them stop and smile. However, the response has been far greater than we could have imagined. By sailing down the African coast, we have seen a direct impact on the tourism industry, and have been engaging communities, policymakers and businesses in serious discussions about plastic and the environment.

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