SoapYard's Aluminum Tin

SoapYard bars can be supplied with an aluminium SCREW TOP TIN in WHITE or SILVER with an attractive, colourful descriptive label. Colour and variety guarantee the bars will always look fun and joyful and the TIN is a perfect for a gift.

The waterproof TIN is also ideal for travel or to pop in a sports bag to the gym.

The TIN also helps protect the delicate soap bars, keeping them hygenic and fresh and helps maintain the quality, fragrance and longevity of the soap.


bars available unpackaged (naked) with paracord or Tin and paracord

Add a Pop of Colour

SoapYard offers a wide variety of soap-on-rope bars in a range of eye-catching colours and locally sourced fragrances. With over 65 colours to choose from, there are plenty of options to create a fun and lively display, especially when paired with the colourful paracords that complement the bars.

For those who prefer a neutral theme, SoapYard also offers scent-free and colour-free options. Whether you're looking for a pop of colour or a more understated look, SoapYard has options to suit your needs.