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Cherry Blossom & Milk №25

Cherry Blossom & Milk №25

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This cherry blossom bar soap is a delicate pink and has a light floral fragrance. It is very pretty and smells lovely. Organic Donkey Milk is added to the soap which adds to the creamy texture. The organic donkey milk is from a small local organic farm in the Herault region of France.

This is a triple-milled French artisan-made bar soap. You have the option to use it as a soap-on-a-rope with a handy hanging cord, or as a traditional bar without the rope. It makes a lovely unique gift and can be purchased with rope, tin and cotton bag, or just the bar alone.

If you choose a colourful rope, the colour will vary and may not be the same colour as in the photo. The rope supplied is a hand-sealed length of paracord which can be switched to create lovely colourful soap & rope combinations. The rope can be re-used with a new bar or re-purposed.

The addition of organic shea butter reduces the drying effect associated with some other commercial bar soaps. Shea butter is a natural substance extracted from the fruits of the shea tree, known for its nourishing and protective properties. This soap is perfect for daily use.

No parabens or synthetic fragrances are used in this soap. The soap has a plant oil base and does not contain animal fats. There is no genetically modified component, and as always, the bar soap is cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

The soap is triple-milled eliminating excess water and air, which makes it a nice, long-lasting hard soap which should not go mushy. As with any natural, artisan-made product, every bar might be a little bit different. Soap can behave differently depending on ambient humidity, heat and light. 

INCI:  sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, aqua (water), donkey milk*, parfum (fragrance), palm kernel acid, sodium chloride, glycerin, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter*, tetrasodium EDTA, tetrasodium etidronate, CI 77891, CI 51319, CI 12490, sodium laureth sulfate, o-phenylphenol

140g | 5.0 oz

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Little notes

SoapYard bars

Our bars are made by hand by artisans in the Marseille region of the South of France, using the traditional vegetable oil based recipes of the Provençal savonettes.

The soaps are also enriched with organic shea butter, which is a natural skin moisturiser and creates a natural creamy softening lather.

The soap is triple milled eliminating excess water and air, and this creates makes it a nice hard soap which feels luxurious to use. As it's a good hard soap, the soap should not go mushy and should last a long time.


The fragrances used in our bars are locally sourced from nearby Grasse in Provence, also known as the world capital of perfume.


Our ingredients where possible are locally sourced and organic. A full list of ingredients can be checked on the product pages and on our ingredients page. Our soaps are made with vegetable oils and not animal tallow and so are all vegan except for the dairy ranges. Any additives are safe to use and are added to enhance the user experience of the soap.

Our soap does contain organic ingredients, but please note that no soap can be 100% organic in spite of what some brands may claim.

More about our bars

The soap is made with natural vegetable oils and naturally sourced local fragrances. 

Like all our bars, this soap is detergent-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. The recipe is an age-old traditional formula, not tested on animals.

The soap is triple milled eliminating excess water and air, and this creates makes it a nice hard soap.

Looking after your bars

As with any natural, artisan-made product, every bar might be a little bit different. Soap can behave differently depending on ambient humidity, heat and light. 

Try and keep your soap dry between uses and avoid letting it sit in water or on a wet surface.

If cracks appear in your soap, this is just moisture escaping and is part of the normal process. You can just rub it in, or under running water and smooth out the cracks. You can even melt and reshape the soap when it gets too small to use.

See online how to do this, and do not attempt without proper instructions. 


The rope we supply with our soap is raw edge, flame sealed, PPM paracord, more commonly known as parachute rope, sailing rope or nautical rope. PPM rope floats, dries quickly and rarely gets dirty which is why we think its perfect for our soap bars! It's also colourful, soft, it won't go mouldy or get dirty and it ties into a knot really well but also unties relatively easily if you want to change the length.

The PPM ropes we buy are made of Nylon and have a label (OEKO-TEX®) which indicates that the rope is non-toxic and safe for humans and animals. The rope we supply is Made in either the USA or the EU.

The paracord rope can be washed in the washing machine at max 30 degrees.

There are a lot of non-SOAPYARD related videos on YouTube explaining how to cut and seal paracord and what else you can use it for to make sure it lives another life when you want a new soap rope. 

We supply raw-edge, flame sealed paracord and do not take responsibility for any changes you make to your rope. We cannot exchange the paracord. If you find that the cord frays a little at the end or if the rope is too long, you can re-cut it, and seal the ends with a flame, making sure to keep the flame at a distance and following all safety precautions which can be viewed on multiple sites on youtube but are not related to SOAPYARD.

We take no responsibilty for any actions taken with or using the paracord.

We consider paracord to be a zero-waste product because it can be repurposed and re-used over and over again. Bracelets, dog leads, washing lines .. all sorts!