Golden MImosa

Golden MImosa

yellow mimosa flowers

Mimosa: The Golden Yellow Sunshine Blooms of Provence

The golden yellow blooms of the mimosa tree can cheer up any gloomy Winter's day. Our Mimosa bar soap is 100% Vegan and made with 100% vegetable oils, not petroleum derivatives or parabens. The fragrance is of course local, and produced from the famous perfumeries of nearby Grasse.

Although the plant is native to Australia it is considered an important tree in Provence and has become a symbol of the French Riviera. The mimosa hiking trails cover hundreds of hectares with sunshine yellow branches creating a breathtaking contrast against the frequent blue provencal skies. The distinctive, heady, but delicate fragrance of the flowers pervades the homes of locals and carnival-goers throughout January and February. 

There are flower parades in Italy and France every February where flowers and branches laden with yellow blooms are thrown from floats into the arms of the spectators. All ages enjoy the flower parades and leave with armfuls of blooms. 

Chinese medicine use parts of the mimosa for its health benefits and in particular, the bark and the leaves are used. The seeds are highly toxic! 

One of it's most important uses is in dried powder form as traditional and ancient mood enhancer. In China it's known as the  “ Happiness Bark,”  Mimosa  was given to people who needed a mood pick-me-up and a mood enhancer,

I think its most obvious mood enhancer is the beautiful uplifting yellow of the Provencal hills in late January, and the lovely fragrance captured in our Mimosa bar soap. You can visit the mimosa hills around the end of january into February. See the links below for more information and be prepared to be blown away!

Discovering the Mimosa Route.         The Mimosa Route on the French Riviera

Magazine Route Du Mimosa 2020     Mimosa Festival Tanneron

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