Paracord Rope for Soap

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We've added a Fun Modern Twist to the Traditional Provençal Soap bar. The original style rectangular bar is a timeless favourite, but we've designed one for the next generation, with a quirky customisable rope feature.

Our Unique and Quirky Soap-On-A-Rope can look fun and colourful or discreet and minimalist depending on your preference.

We supply a length of approximately 60 - 70 cm hand cut, raw-edge paracord with each soap-on-rope bundle. You can tie it in a knot at the end and thread through the soap. Sometimes there might be a little soap still in the hole which will prevent the rope threading through, but just pop a pencil or chopstick through to clear the hole and it should push through nicely.

Unless you opt for white, the colour will be random and may not be the same colour as in the photo.

The rope is a perfect way to keep the soap dry, hygenic and a way everyone who uses your bathroom to identify their OWN BAR! No more excuses for use the wrong soap!