My story

About me:

Q. How did I get into bar soap?
A. I bought a bar of soap from a market stall in France.

I like window shoppingbut I also take the if-you-don't-use-it-you-lose-it approach to small shops'. Sometimes I feel obliged to spend money on things I don't really want - and only over 70's use bar soap - right?  So I'd looked and admired the stall for too long to leave without buying a bar of soap. Always support a small trader or family business! 

As it turned out, that bar of Pamplemousse (grapefruit) soap was about to change my life direction. It was so popular with my family, I had to ask myself if they'd ever used a bar of soap before - other than dove, Pears or Lush.  I had to buy everybody a bar each - but not everyone wanted Pamplemousse - everyone has their favourites. Green Clay, Mint, Argan, Green Apple and Jasmine are the 5* choices. 
We don't share soap. #handsoffmysoap is my teenager's house rule.

I didn't realise I liked bar soap until I started using it again, after decades of using plastic dispensers bar soap has won me back. There is a lot of choice, and it feels good.