Our Story

Welcome to Soapyard.com, where we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality soaps made by artisans in Marseille using local and natural ingredients.

Our story began when we moved to the south of France and discovered the traditional market soap sellers of Antibes. We were blown away by the number of fragrances and the quality of the soap that we had never really stopped to look at before. This experience inspired us to create our own line of soaps using the same recipe and the same local artisans, using only the best natural ingredients sourced from the local area.

We decided to change the traditional rectangular soap shape, and redesigned it into a chunky round soap with a sturdy hole through the middle for a colourful and reusable rope.

Our soaps are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Marseille and we are proud to support their craft and expertise. We invite you to experience the natural luxury of our soaps for yourself and see why we are passionate about what we do."

This is a snap of the soap stall in the Provençal market in Antibes which first inspired our business. You will find them in most markets in the South of France and the soaps are almost always locally made using the same traditional formula used for generations.