Kokoelma: Soap-on-a-rope

Our bespoke soap-on-a-rope collection is a new twist on the colourful Provencal bar soaps, so often found in traditional French Markets.

The soaps are made by a family run soap workshop in Provence and are made by artisans using the same authentic recipes and methods used for generations. 

All our soaps are made using 100% vegetable oils and are all Vegan, with the exception of the Dairy soaps which have organic milk added at the end of the process. 

We can supply the soap in aluminium screw top tins with a length of re-usable paracord which is hand-cut. 

Tie a knot at the end of the paracord depending on the length you prefer - long enough to go around your hand or just a little loop for hanging.

Thread the looped end through the hole in the soap. If there is a little soap left in the hole poke it through with a pencil, chopstick, knitting needle or any other long thing,

Hanging the bar between use will keep your soap dry and clean and it will help it last longer. 

Your own colourful rope will identify your bar, so there is never an excuse for anyone to share your soap!

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