Why be a SoapYard distributor?

The bar soap revival is here. #zerowaste #DrowningInPlastic #BeTheChange are all trending hashtags on Twitter. The movement against single use plastic is growing so fast, that there are now thousands of zero waste shops dedicated to reducing packaging. 

Who can be a SoapYard distributor? 
We welcome anybody who really likes bar soap.

  • Parents at home looking for part time work
  • Charities looking for a fundraising opportunity
  • Shops who would like to diversify their product range
  • Anybody passionate about reducing waste and changing habits

We are building a network of SoapYard distributors. 
SoapYard only sells good quality soap and this is a great opportunity to be a step ahead and show people all the benefits of the bar.
Soapyard distributors will be our on-the-ground local networkers. You will take orders, direct people to our website, and then we will send you the soap to distribute or to be collected. For more information please use our contact form. 
You don't need to be pre-approved at this stage. We are not charing a joining fee but expect to do so later on in the year. 
You can buy a starter box to see if you think you can give it a go.

Choose your starter box