Kategorie: Winter Bundle

A special introductory collection of soaps and accessories, put together so you can enjoy the benefits of bar soap and restyle your bathroom accessories.

Personalise your box by selecting from all the bar soaps in the build-a-box range. This special offer includes the following 

8 x 125g Classic bars
1 x mini 60g bar
1 x pine soap stand
1 x sisal exfoliating bag
1 x 100% natural Konjac facial sponge 

Soap products will be packed in compostable bags made of vegetable starch.
The bags keep the soaps fresh and fragranced.
The Konjac sponge arrives dehydrated and you will need to soak it in water before use. The sponge comes in different colours and you could get one of black, lilac, green, blue or white